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In any odor business it is vital to be able to identify and eliminate the cause of the odor. We  deliver neutral back to our client’s interiors through our green business certified patent-pending two-step process. The sense of smell is constantly being upgraded in recent years as perhaps our greatest ability in dealing with the important decisions in our lives, from love to buying to making sure we do not poison ourselves. This article is amazing because within all the science of smell, and all the millions of odors human beings can identify, there now seems to be a discovery of an actual neutral odor they refer to as white odor! White light is produced when an assortment of different wave frequencies meet, similarly for white noise as well as the distinct hum is produced by a combination of sound frequencies. For these to occur two fundamental conditions needs to be met: all the frequencies need to be of the exact same intensity and need to travel within a perceptual space – the visible spectrum for white light and the audible range for white noise. There is an odor question that has been puzzling scientists for a while and, until very recently, remained unanswered. Could a white smell exist? In odor removal, we do neutral without a cover-up or smell cancelling process except for our chemical property that includes an odor desensitizer. Now the hunt is on for a “white” smell too! Amazing science. They have already created olfactory white by taking a large number of unrelated molecules that smell wildly different, and combining them at the same level of intensity. While strong and pungent odors may have dozens of smells, usually they’re related or there’s a strongly dominant note. With olfactory white, everything is reduced to the same level, evening it out, much like white noise.

As bizarre of a study as this is, it actually lends itself to some pretty cool theorizing. For now, the scientists are working on a more efficient way of making the smell that might not require 30 odorants, or maybe a more “pure” olfactory white, but there seem like many other possible uses for Laurax. This is fascinating progress in our niche market, gaining lots of attention.